What To Consider When Writing A Job Application

Posted by | January 21, 2021 | Career coaching

Do you need help with writing a job application letter to apply for that job? I’m so sure your answer is yes. First thing to know is that a job application letter is also referred to as a cover letter and should be presented along with the resume when applying for jobs.

Although writing an application for a job might seem challenging and difficult at times, but with the following steps that would be discussed and constant practice, you can be sure to become a pro at it.

1. Gather enough information about the company:

Go to their website and familiarize yourself self with their history, their services and everything about them. The insight discovered from your search will help you draft a letter that suits what exactly you’re applying for.

2. Understand the job description:

spend time to decode the job requirement and match up your qualifications with the employer’s want and needs. Include your most relevant skills, experience and abilities. Also, you can highlight your awards and honours as well.

3. Heading of your application letter:

When writing an application letter, endeavor to note that your information as well as that of your employer which includes: name, address, phone number, email and date must be a the top of the letter.

The only exception is if it’s not a letter. In case you’re asked to apply in email format, your contact information comes after your signature at the end.

4. Salutation of the application letter :

You must be polite to address whomever you are writing to. Common example is : “Dear Mr” or ” Dear Ms ” followed by the last name. That is if you know the gender of the employer. But if you don’t know who you are writing to, you can use “Dear Sir/Madam”, “Dear hiring manager”, “To whom it may concern”.

4. The Body of the job application :

This is the most important section of the application. Note that the letter should be written in a single page. Also, make use of simple and readable font. The body is divided into three paragraphs.

Your paragraphs should be as brief as possible.The first paragraph should make mention of the job you’re applying for, and where you got information about the said job.

The second paragraph is where you would expatiate on your experience and accomplishment. You will do well to put all of your skills and qualifications. It is at this point you are meeting the employer’s need.

The third paragraph is for follow up information. Just like an appreciation to your employer.

5. Complimentary close if the application letter:

Here, you can choose to sign out with your email. You can also use “Best”, “Sincerely” or just basically something polite followed by your full name.

6. Signature time:

End the letter with your signature and your name typed appropriately. Incase of an email, include your typed name and your contact information.

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