Top career tips for every job seekers

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After carefully arranging and updating your CV and cover letters, you also need to sharpen your interview skills. As little as this is, it means a great deal to your interviewer. Let’s go through the following tips below.

  • Read the job description again and again:

list out the skills the employers looking for and let your own qualifications and experience correspond with theirs. Align your past and present work experience with their requirements.

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  • Know what the employer is looking for:

If you know what the interviewer wants, you would give them more than what they expect. Properly show the interviewer that your qualifications and experience make you the best person for the job. Understand what you are to offer, get a lot of insight, and set up for success in the interview.

  •     Plan to arrive early:

The earlier you are, the better for you. Prepare everything you are going to need. Plan your day the day before. It would help you avoid unnecessary stress.


  •  Line up smart questions for the interviewer:

Ensure to come up with intelligent questions to ask your interviewer to show your competence and serious intention about the job. Questions like “what kind of person are you looking to hire”,” How would you describe the characteristics of a successful candidate”,” what challenges face this position”, and many more in order to fully ready yourself to be employed.


  • Refer to your skills and experience when asked questions:

Make use of every opportunity to address the job requirements, keep your answers clear and concise. Pay attention and keep eye contact.


  • Good impression helps a lot:

Portray self-confidence, out on a great smile, look smart and appropriate. Respect everyone you meet, be polite and greet properly, let your body language be positive. Be truthful in answering questions and also genuinely. Be well mannered and help the interviewer relate easily with you.


  • Be clear about your selling point:

Be clear in identifying what makes you different from other applicants, let them Know your value. Give them reasons why you are the best applicant for the job and why they need you in the company.


  • Listen attentively:

Focus on paying attention to respond effectively to their questions. Be also ready to answer tough questions. Always clarify your selling point. Take notes often. Be proactive about what is being discussed or asked.


  • Practice interview questions often:

Analyze your background and qualifications for the job position. Practice interview with your friends or family member. Take care to revise behavioral interview questions. Don’t Cram answers but understand what every question Use good question-answering skills: An example I STAR method which means situation, task, action, and result. Avoid typical interview blunders. Even as you are confident, don’t try to change anything about the company.


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