Tips on How to Write a Good Job Application Email Message.

Posted by | January 9, 2021 | Career coaching

With the advent of internet and the electronic means of information transmission, the use of emails have become dominant in the sending of job applications. Sending a job application via email should not in anyway affect the crude basics needed in a standard job application. These are simple tips on how to write a captivating email application.

1. Have A Professional Email – this is one of the first things that put a hiring manager off. Most hiring manager want to hire a serious minded candidate, and they start to measure how serious a candidate is, by the kind of email they use. Emails such as or does not look professional, as a matter of fact most managers will see it as unprofessional. Thereby, categorizing the owner as unserious and this can harm your application even at first glance, and the hiring manager may not even bother to read through your email. Make sure your email is professional and unique. Emails like or is unique.

2. Always Use Your Job Title As Subject Of Your Email – Yes this is another factor that determine the failure and success of your Application. Many hiring manager don’t wants to stress themselves, and putting your job title as subject of the email will lessen the hiring manager’s burden, and make the hiring manager’s job easier. This is a big plus in making your application readable. Another reason why you should not skip this (making job title as subject of your email) is that, some company may have multiple positions to fill, and making job title subject of the email will help hiring manager know which of the job openings you are applied for. A company that has multiple positions to fill will, most probably, have plenty applications to deal with, and may not want to waste time on an application without job title as the subject of it’s email.

3. Salute The Hiring Manager Or The HR Manager – Before you start your application proper don’t forget to salute the hiring manager or the HR manager of the company. This is the same even if the recruiter is an outsourcing firm or the recruitment is done directly by the hiring company.

4. Start with How you Knew About the Job Vacancy – You surely want to start your application with information about how you got to know about the job opening. Many applicant get to know about job vacancies through social media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and job listing websites like Jobsmate, Jobsmag, Indeed and others. You may want to let the hiring manager know how you came across the job.

5. Your Qualifications, Experience And Skills Should Be Highlighted – this one of the most important part of email application. You need to communicate your level of education to your hiring manager. Most jobs set their requirements to BSc holders. That is, to be qualified for that particular job you must possess a minimum of first degree. So you must let the hiring manager know that educationally, you are qualify for the position being apply to.

Another thing you should let the hiring manager know is your experience. The jobs you have done, the company you have worked with and the starting and ending year (incase you are no more with the company). One important thing is that your experience must be related to the job you are applying for. Then, you highlight your skills and you can even grade yourself on the scale of 1-10. This show the hiring manager you know exactly what you are talking about.

6. Make Reference to Your Attached Resume – Before you end your application don’t forget to mention about your resume/CV. Email application are mostly to highlight your qualifications, experience And skills, your resume contains a more detailed information about you. So it is proper for you to refer your hiring manager to the attached resume.

7. End Your Application Politely – When ending you email application don’t just end it, end it professionally. End your email with “Best Wishes” or “Sincerely”.

This are tips for writing a successful email application.


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