Mistakes Job Applicants Make Before Job Interview

Posted by | January 11, 2021 | Career coaching

As there is no second chance to make a first impression,so you definitely want to do your very best in preparing for your upcoming interview. Unfortunately, some job applicants don’t understand these things,they honestly feel it’s their bad luck or something else if they are unsuccessful in an interview.

There are some mistakes applicants make before their interviews which would be discussed below.

  • Appearing late for job interview 

Some applicants always come late for interviews. They waste a lot of time and eventually appear late. As a serious job applicant, you must endeavor to get to the interview venue half the time or 10 minutes before you get called in . It is always better to be punctual to avoid unnecessary situation.

  • Not Well Prepared For The Job Interview

Most applicants feel that an interview is all about answering questions and possessing good qualifications only. This mindset is wrong. Good appearance also scores a point for you. It is important to dress appropriately and look formal. You must have it in mind to appear smart. One should learn to look prim and proper for interviews.

  • Not Studying Resumé Before Job Interview 

Majority of the applicants make the mistake of not studying their resumé properly before coming for interviews. Note that the listed out working experience,skills or even qualifications form the basis of your interview.

Make sure to be acquainted with every single thing about your resume and anything about the interview because the interviewer may pick few things from your resumé and ask you to elaborate on it. Make sure to get past interview questions and answers. It would really help.

  • Failure To Do Research About The Job

Many job seekers fail to research on the type of job interview which they will be going for. They have this assumption that it’s going to be some kind which would befit them.

Some fail to find out about the company and job position being applied for. One should always be open minded, don’t base on any beliefs and assumption. Put much effort into thorough research.A successful interview requires deep research. The more you source out information,you can be sure of success.

Job applicants should try to have a few ideas on how the interview would go. Some simple questions like “Tell us more about you”,”Why do you think you would be great for the job”,or even “Why should we choose you” should be answered fully without fail.

Learn to sell yourself well. Focus on what the company stands to gain, Be proactive. When asked questions,be focused and let your answers come out clearly, intelligently and simple.

Having A Negative Mindset

Lastly, Some job  applicants have negative mindsets about their interviews. Some always feel nervous and agitated. They feel that interviews are very difficult even before being interviewed. This always causes them to fumble and make mistake.

Before going for interviews,stay calm,put on your best behavior,if possible say a prayer or do something that will give you positive energy . Don’t have any negativity at all and you would find out that everything would go perfectly well.

I hope you found these information helpful for your next interview, don’t forget to apply what you have learnt here when going for your next interview.

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