Interviewing For Success: The Employer’s Perspective

Posted by | January 22, 2021 | Career coaching

One thing that job applicants fail to acknowledge is the fact that there are a lot limitations of the job being applied for. Many employers are looking for candidates that are tried and tested. The applicants will also be called for interview. They are in search of candidates that fit perfectly into their company. Below are some areas that employers are looking at before hiring you.

1. Show your skills:

Most employers want to see the achievement and accomplishment you claim to talk about. They want to understand in clear term your qualifications and how it would benefit them.

Instead of just talking about how great and wonderful you would be if you’re employed,show them references of your past employ,show them your awards and certificate of honor.

Job interview

I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic about hiring you. The point here is show more,let your resume do the talking.

2. Make your materials clear:

Don’t let your credentials counter what is written in the job description,match the skills with the ones listed in their description and let them align. In simple terms, just be clear and understandable.

Because at the end of the day,it’s what you give them that would be the basis of how you’ll be interviewed. Help your interviewer identify what is written in your resume and cover letter and how it relates with their description.

Interviewing For success: The Employers Perspective
3. Be ready to learn:

The employer needs people that they can effectively and efficiently work with to progress the company. Be ready to unlearn and relearn. Be up-to-date in a changing context. The old skills will definitely not be appropriate for the new job.

Technical skills on how to perform specific job tasks would be taught. It is your duty to learn as fast as possible. Give them the “you can” attitude.

4. Be creative:

Show your prospective employer your potential by looking for opportunities, creating your own role with that if the employer. The most important method to get your prospective employer believe in you is to be confident in yourself and your abilities. Let them know that you are more than just a resume.

Show your warm personality and excite them so they want you. Focus on what you are giving them not what you want to be done for you.

Always surround yourself with condition for your potential to bear fruit. I hope you found the above information very helpful. Always remember to apply what you learn as much as you can.


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