Job Application Tips And Tricks

Posted by | January 21, 2021 | Career coaching

Writing a job application can seem very tricky at times. We all know the basis of writing letters. Such as heading, salutation,body and complimentary ending. But is there more to that? Is there something else you need to know about? Here are some job application tips and tricks for your letter below.

1. It is not compulsory to make your cover letter bulky:

Some applicants feel the more they write, the better their chances of becoming employed. That’s wrong. A single page is enough to do what three or six pages of application can do. It’s better to be brief as possible. No long story. Just go straight to business. In other words, be clear and brief when writing your application.

Job application tips and tricks

2. Use the proper salutation in your job application :

If your employer is of the male gender,and you address him as “Dear Ma”, you have got it mixed up. If you don’t have any idea of who you are writing to, just keep it at “Dear Sir/Madam” or you can even use the position of the employer such as “Dear Resource manager”,or “Dear hiring manager”. Take note to always be formal and polite to address whoever you are writing to. Don’t ever use “Hi” or “Hello”.

Job application tips
3. Make use of business format for the letter:

Be formal and avoid being casual or using informal language. Include any information you feel it’s necessary only. Make sure that both you and the employer’s contact information are seen at the top of the letter. You must often be clear and straight to the point.

Job application tips and tricks
4. Always have a updated and complete resume:

Imagine submitting your application and you are told something was skipped or you forgot to add your work experience. You need to list out all qualifications, experience, skills and everything else about you that is important for the application. Make sure it’s all correct and up to date.

5. Always include a cover letter:

In rare cases,some companies don’t ask you to submit a application. But then, it’s not totally bad to still write something. Always have your application ready. But only on specific terms, you don’t send at all if the employer stated such.

6. Sell yourself very well in your job application :

Many applicants don’t understand what this means. To sell yourself means to focus on how you are going to benefit the company. Concentrate on the value you can add to the company. How to solve their problems and proffer solutions.

Many employers are looking for people who will add and multiply their progress not people who are after what they’ll eat.

Make sure you make use of these job application tips next time you are writing your application.

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