How to stand-out in a very competitive job market

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The competition in the job market of today’s world has grown more intense than that which we always witness in the capital intensive market or the business world.
In truth, unemployment is a global issue considering the ever-increasing population and limited opportunities available painting such scenarios as that of a camel needing to go through the eye of a needle before any job seeker could land one.

The invention of technology, team leadership, multitasking, and a host of other prerequisites have made job hunting much haunting, though one should be confident of standing out in one’s quest for a desired career if certain routes are trekked.
If you wish to stand out in a very competitive, dynamic job market, here is the way out:

1. Begin your career with freebies and voluntary works

Every job recruiter demands experience from their would_be employee and how on earth would a fresh graduate gain five years of experience?
The only advantageous ways of increasing your chances of getting employed despite the newbie disadvantage are to engage in voluntary works and no_pay tasks to develop your skills in your field of study, this will give you an edge over those applying for the same position.
If you would like to break even in the job market, participate in student union activities, departmental projects, faculty research, public and community service, student clubs and student development exercises, developmental projects like tutoring and mentoring in your field of study.

2. Package a winning CV and online presence

The first interview starts with a CV assessment. Therefore, do well to include every marketable information about you, your skills, career, research, and work experience in the one you’ll be sending to your recruiter. It is very obligatory that your résumé carry the corresponding date when a certificate, degree, or job experience was obtained and always review your CV regularly to update and add new skills acquired.
The new world we are in today comes with new normals, some recruiters are more concerned with viewing the social media profiles of applicants than going through their curriculum vitae, you are humbly advised to facilitate your media profile the same way you package your CV.
As a job seeker, you are also advised to be mindful of the kind and sensitiveness of the information you share online because the dragnet for a vast number of recruiters see the social space as where they fish competent hands to take their organizations to achieve their labour acquisition.

3. Acquire marketable skills, your degree is not enough

The labour market is a night that only job seekers who are equipped with a bright lamp will come out strong. These are skills that are in demand in the job market that every recruiter craves.
A strong passion and zeal to execute work, the accomplishment of tasks and goals,  the ability to solve problems with minimum or no assistance and supervision, public speaking skills, good resourcing, good interpersonal communication skills, the ability to adapt to a work environment and changes associated with them, as well as networking, are overly essential in today’s job market.

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4. Be updated about the job market

Researchers have asserted that the level at which phenomena become obsolete and out of date in today’s world is enormous. So, it is important for a job seeker that wants to stand out in the competitive job market to stay up to date with the current trends on the job market. This helps the applicant to be able to forecast future labour market requirements from employers. In the same vein, locate dynamic trends in various career sectors that are related to your skills and experience and place your skills side by side with technology and other inventions of the new era. If there arises a need for you to upgrade them if needed, do not hesitate to unlearn and relearn. Management and computer skills are on the hearts of recruiters of today which would remain  in years to come; organisational operations revolve around them as we speak.

5. Get yourself prepared for interviews

Either impromptu or planned, make sure that you prepare adequately for interviews. Preparation for an interview starts from knowing as much as expected about the company in question and doing background research both on the company and the position you are applying for. Anticipate questions based on the requirements demanded by the potential employer and try to provide suitable answers for them.
Rehearse the answers for potential questions that will be asked with the help of a mirror, video recorder, or any decoding device. Don’t forget that the primary cause of a poor performance at an interview is inadequate preparation.

6. Join professional associations within your industry; don’t be isolated

Being a member of a professional association is key to your profile as a job seeker. These pressure groups make you look more respectable when applying for jobs related to your field or presenting credentials; because these interest groups comprise experts, successful and experienced persons, and industry professionals within their respective fields. On the flip side, another positive in joining professional associations is networking. You are privy to discussions and firsthand information on job openings related to your field once you join a significant union.
Some renowned associations always go a step further to conduct or sponsor training for their members. In such instances where there are job openings, they tend to recruit people that they know, have confidence in, and are established within the industry.

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7. Subscribe to job portals

The technological age has saved you stress because some online job portals deal directly with the human resource personnel of various companies, making it easier to link jobs specific to your career through them.
You are free to search for roles specific to the location or gender you wish to target. These sites are known to always display up to date job openings, it’s an excellent idea to subscribe to their newsletters or job alerts.

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8. Your reference is your selling point, gather good references

Rather than focusing on earning salaries and other benefits; your needing a substantial job means that you have to prove that you can add value to your target employer. This will only be attested by past successes. Maintain good relations with everyone you come across so that they can recommend you for bigger roles.
To win in the competitive job market; Show recruiters that you can do it, or you have done it, and not merely saying it or writing; this can be proven by adding names of contacts you had worked with during a research work or in any other capacity as a reference in your CV.
Honest advice; try these tips and come out victorious in your pursuit of securing a job in this competitive job market.
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