How to have an Edge over Others in a Competitive Market

Posted by | January 12, 2021 | Career coaching

Many people out there are in search of good jobs, they walk the streets everyday trying to apply for lucrative jobs that would fetch them fat salaries and a good life. But how many percent of these people really get these jobs? Why do some people get employed and others don’t? How can someone stand out in a very competitive job market? Keep reading and I will show you 6 ways to stand out in a competitive job market below.

  • Gather valuable work experience.

Find out about internship programs and participate in them, seek out opportunities that allow you to be skilled so much that the recruiter would rush you.

Work on projects and things that would set you apart from the other job applicants. Build and develop yourself in all areas. You can be pursuing a degree and still be working on something else. It would be a plus advance for you.

  • Build a solid online presence

Make sure to always put up your experiences, accomplished goals and anything that you feel is important to you. Your profile should be up to date so also latest research.

This is because potential employers would want to reach out to prospective candidate by checking their social media platforms,they see it as a medium to get information of the applicant’s skill, interests and likes. So be careful whatever you post online.

  • Stay Connected, Network!

Though working experience and education both go a long way in helping to secure a competitive advantage, Networking is like the fastest and easiest method for finding the right opportunity.

Reach out to professional experts, attend networking classes and events,engage in productive conversation. Stay connected and in solid contact with people you connect with whether you are job searching or not.

  • Ensure to acquire and develop leadership skills

On most job adverts,more often than not we find the caption “ability to lead a team”,” great leadership skills”. Recruiters need candidate with competence,team leading abilities and overall leadership skills.

Candidates likely to stand a chance are those who have demonstrated leadership abilities at some point in their work life. If you have no leadership skills,it can be develop by constant practice,learn selflessness,strong zeal to perform and willingness to work. Take on new projects,go for leadership summits as often as possible.

  • Be a voluntary worker.

One other beneficial way to stand out among the Job searchers is to work voluntarily, develop your interpersonal skills, good resource personel, most especially in your area of study.

Potential employers want a lot of experience. Try engaging in voluntary work. Work at students union,with the community,as much as possible.

  • Develop marketable skills.

Marketable skills like strong passion and zeal to execute tasks, accomplishing goals, problem solving are high demand by recruiters.

They are skills demanded in Job markets. Being proactive as a potential employee gives you an edge above other candidates.

Other intermediate skills are good resourcing, interpersonal skills, ability to adapt to working conditions effectively as well as being able to network.

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