How to Follow up After a Job Interview

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After having an interview in a company. However, the employer said he would get back to you in a week and nearly two weeks have passed. What do you do? What you need to do from here is follow up.

When you do this correctly, following up can not only get you the answers you need but can also remind the employer why you are a strong candidate. It can also serve to reinforce your interest in the position, and your ability to follow through. The strategies below could be helpful in this area, when and how to follow up with an employer.

When should I follow up on interview

after interview most hiring company will tell you they will get back to you, and some may not for weeks. this period is when you need to do a proper follow up.

Methods of following up on an application

  • You can follow up through text message to the hiring company
  • You can follow up through emails
  • You can also call the hiring manager, but not advisable.

The best way to actually follow up on job application after the job interview is through emails. That is, sending a follow up email to the hiring manager.

Important things that must be included in follow up emails.

Keep the email short and friendly, and if its a phone call, salute the hiring manager and make sure to appreciate them. don’t forget to mention any personal connections you made to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. If you feel the interview did not go very well, you can also mention that you have other materials you would like to send. You could include additional materials as an attachment as well.

if you feel that the interview did not go well, you can make a case for yourself by pointing out to what must have hindered your performance. although most hiring managers will see it as just an excuse, but its still advisable to mention that in your follow up emails.

You send the follow up emails at twice in the space of few weeks after the thank you message.

When to stop following up on a job application

If you don’t hear back after sending a thank you letter and two follow-up messages (over the course of several weeks), it is best to cut your losses and start thinking about the next job opportunity. They know where to find you, and if they are unable or unwilling to follow through, this company may not have the best opportunity out there for you.


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