How To Edit A Resume Perfectly

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Landing a job interview is all about beating the best and becoming the best person for the job. This is because your resume is a very important document for a successful application. Millions of Job seekers have set up their application letter for the exact job you want. To have an edge, you need to write a well-written resume. We’ll be discussing below how to do this.

  • Preview a lot of resume examples: Before writing a good resume, Get resume advice from your friends and colleagues, study how a successful resume is written and how it relates to the job description, also note the format used, the template, and how the resume is arranged. Go through as many examples as possible to equip you with basic knowledge on how to write a resume. You can also seek a professional writing service. Make much effort to make your resume stand out from other applicants.


  • Choose the best format: Make sure you select the right format for your resume. The most appreciated and commonly used is the chronological format. In this format, the emphasis is based majorly on your experience and work history. You will list out your most recent achievement than your past jobs and experience. It is going to be written in reverse order, from the last to the first. This format is very easy to read and understand.


  • Use a good template: A template is a layout or a prearranged format of written work. Ensure to use the template that properly fits your resume. In a situation where there are sections you don’t need, you can remove them. Just make sure your resume is not too lengthy but brief and very clear.


  • The resume Objective: This is the very first point in your resume. A resume objective is part of the resume stating career goals and shows clearly your best skills. It is also called a resume summary. A professional heading statement is important because it paints an impressive image of your candidacy. When writing an objective, there are some things to note:
  1. Mention the job post you’re applying for.
  2. Include 2 to 3 key skills.
  3. State what you hope to achieve in the job, or what you want to accomplish.

Make use of transferrable skills and avoid using personal pronouns. Show your numbers and use action words.

  • Present your contact details: You should only include necessary information like your name both first and last, your phone number, email address, and LinkedIn URL. You can decide to leave an address and personal title. Don’t include your date of birth, number of children, photograph, or anything else. Just keep it formal and as simple as possible.


  • Describe your education and experience: This is the most important part. As per your education, you should include the name of institutions you attended, the time duration, and the degrees or certificates you earned. Use the reverse chronological order for this.

For your job experience and relevant skills, you are to include your previous positions alongside the company, skills related to the job, and accomplishments on the job. Do this for three other positions. Focus mainly on your accomplishments and valuable skill.

  • Other information: Here, you can add your hobbies and interests, publications, license, or anything you feel the employer should know about you. Try your best to make this section as brief as possible. Avoid irrelevancy.


  • Proofread thoroughly: Check for spelling errors, wrong grammar, and tenses, or any incorrect information in the resume. Use a consistent format and let your words be legible and easy on the eyes.

In conclusion, make sure you use the right font, use the appropriate margin as well. Your resume should be approximately 1 to 2 pages. Be concise and focused. Always and always include the most relevant information. Call attention to your important achievements. Only use subheadings and sections where necessary. Be careful not to use the same format for other applications, you must tailor each application to suit the job description perfectly. Put all your efforts into writing your resume and you’ll be surprised when you get called for the interview.

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