How to be prepared for a job interview

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Congratulations on your upcoming interview. I know that this means a lot to you and you really want to be prepared for your job interview. Let us discuss how you can be prepared for a interview,make it a success and leave a good impression on your potential employer in the points below.

1. Make thorough research about the company

Log on their website and take care to note the ‘About us’ section. Be familiar with the company’s history, market positions as well as social media presence.
The major reason for this procedure is to equip you with enough momentum and insight to align your answers with their questions during the interview. Also look for reviews by their clients and both the current and past workers.

.Preparing for job interview

2. Analyze your job role

As you revise the job description and prepare for the interview, make sure to diligently consider what the company is looking for.
List out your qualifications,skills and experience and relate them to the work experiences of the job. This would help you in the area of stating concise answers to the questions asked.

3. Dress smart for the job interview

Don’t wait until last seconds or last hour to look for what to wear. Ensure to figure out something the day before. First impression matters here so look smart,dress accordingly in a comfortable business wear.
Your shoes must look neat and shiny,your hair must be properly done. If you’re using make up, wear it as light and moderate as possible. Looking formal brings this atmosphere and energy, so make sure to look your best.

Job interview

4. Be familiar with the job interview location

you wouldn’t want to start running around and jumping buses unnecessarily because of traffic must be punctual enough to the interview. If you are having issues getting the address, you can use Google maps and any other apps that can help. Just make sure to be on time because the earlier the better.
You can even do a practice run, look for how to easily locate the venue and even alternative route in case of delay or road blockage.

Job interview preparation

5. Make sure to prepare all your credentials and resumes

Arrange all you need for the interview, things like your portfolio, extra copies of your CV, a list of references, pen and paper and potential questions for your interviewer. Everything must be updated.
You can also switch off your cellphone as you wouldn’t want distraction during the interview. Make sure all your credentials are intact and complete without fail.

6. Be positive about the job interview

Come to the interview with a positive attitude and mindset. Don’t speak ill about your former job or employer.Be polite and confident. Make sure your response is always coherent. Don’t rumble or mumble.
Concentrate on the reason you are there and at the end of the interview,show appreciation by sending a thank you note . Also follow up with the interviewer by sending a mail and telling them how much they’ll appreciate you working with them. Good luck on your interview.

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