Guide To Perfecting Your Resume

Posted by | January 25, 2021 | Job application tips

You have finished writing your resume, but then it looks like something is missing. You want to at least stand a chance of being called for an interview. In the guide below,we will be discussing how to polish and perfect your resume.

The Guidelines Are As Follows:

1. Customize each resume for each job: You can not use the resume for a financial advisor to match the description of a teacher. You must tailor your resume according to the Job description.

Sit and read the job description again and write a resume to meet the requirements for the job. Use the most relevant information,organise it and go straight to the point. Apply for the jobs you know you fully or closely qualify for.

2. Avoid lengthy writing: Be specific and clear. Let your resume be at least 2 pages. Be concise. List all your skills and experience appropriately.

  1. As a matter of fact, a one paged resume is not a bad idea if you know how to properly include your credentials and information.

The employer has millions of application to attend to and if your resume is long,he might not even open it. Short and specific is better.

3. Discard unnecessary information: There is absolutely no need to include your birthday, children’s names or even your weight. Just your contact information, your resume summary and work experience or qualifications is just okay. No need for long story or frivolities.

4. Use clear fonts: Times New Roman,Arial,or calibri fonts are okay. You can use similar fonts too. No need for block characters. Ensure your resume is readable and clear.

There is no need for curvy letters. Font size should not exceed 10 to 12, the heading and titles should be large and bold.

5. Use a sample resume to create your own: Writing a resume can be quite challenging. You might not have any idea on how to start. Using sample formats and template can be a great deal. Reviewing samples can be a source of inspiration to even write a better resume.

6. Choose appropriate margins: Make use of one inch sized margins in all sides of the resume. If your resume still looks scanty, consider increasing the margin size but it must not exceed inches.

7. Develop only subheadings and sections you need: Either you are using a sample template or the one you designed, there are some sections that are unnecessary. You may need to include a resume summary or objective but not both.

If you are out of ideas, you can combine sections together if you find it hard to fill a section.

8. Always include only the relevant information: your priority and focus should be to draw majority of the employer’s attention to relevant qualifications and achievement.

Always call attention to your accomplishments rather than duties and responsibilities. Make sure to always use the major keywords in the description

9. Update your resume: Always include your latest accomplishment and achievement in your resume. Update your skills and experience. Be clear and concise. Keep learning skills and add value to yourself. Develop your career path.

10. Review and edit your resume: Make it brief, correct errors and spellings. Be simple in use o words. Let your formatting be consistent and avoid being disorganized.

Proofread as much as possible. Make sure the sections are properly written. Elaborate on your experience and relevant information. Sell yourself well. Don’t overload your resume and at the same time don’t underwrite.

If there’s a need for a professional writer,hire them and let them help you. Make conscious effort to stand out from other applicants. Your success depends on you.

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