Differences Between A Cv And A Resume

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Is a CV any different from a resume? Can a CV be called a resume? What distinguishes the CV from the resume? After reading this piece, you’ll be sure to know the difference between the two.


Curriculum vitae otherwise known as a CV is gotten from Latin and it means ‘Life course’. It is the Garner based on your academic background, teaching experiences, awards and honours, various degrees, presentation and some other achievement.

It majorly elaborates on your career path and information regarding academic research.

A CV is useful for academic applications.
A CV can be up to 3 or 6 pages based on the bulk of content it holds as it presents full details of your course.
A CV is concerned with your academic credentials,your professional career and other achievement.

What a CV includes are:
1. Contact information.
2. Personal profile.
3. Education and professional background.
4. Awards and honours.
5. References and research.
6. Non-academic activities, interests, other experience.
7. Books, language skills and even membership.
There are more information too. But the above listed are the most common examples.


Resume, a French word meaning” to summarize” is a one or two page document. It presents your personal and work experience, academic background,skills and majorly other accomplishment based in your work.

A resume is work based most times,no long story. Writing a resume is all about being clear and concise in listing out your skills and qualifications for a specific position.

A resume is all about customizing your experience skills to match the job description.
Contents of a resume:
1. Contact information.
2. Resume objective.
3. Work experience.
4. Education.
5. Skills.
6. Awards and certificates.
7. Other information like your interests, license,etc.

The major purpose of a resume is to provide the employer with very brief illustration of your work history. As said before,a good resume should be very short and specific.


1. A CV may have variable number of pages but a resume is often time 1-2 pages.

2. A CV is useful for academic purposes while a resume is used majorly for job search.
3. The contents of a CV ranges from your academic background and career path while the content in a resume is all about your work experience and skills on the job applied for.

4. A CV is mostly comprehensive plain text and very detailed but a resume has short information showing bullets with key contents.

5. A CV is usually not specific, but a resume is brief, straight and very clear.

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