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A popular adage says “Whatever you have to do, do quick”. Procrastination is not at all strange to us because almost everyone is faced with procrastinating things at some point. When you don’t do things at the right time, you not only breakdown but also become over-stressed. Read to the end as we decode what procrastination is about.

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Having an online Interview may be quite tasking with a variety of impediments standing on your way as well as that of your prospective organization to disrupt a smooth process. As social distancing is now made compulsory, companies are nonetheless hiring the first-rate and brightest abilities to help meet their dreams in the course of those challenging times.

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The setting of achievable goals is a powerful system for creating the bright future you want for yourself. Most times, we make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved within the time frame set for it. For your goals to be achievable, you have to ensure it is S.M.A.R.T ( Specific, measurable,  attainable, relevant, and time-bound)  Set down goals that motivate you and pen them down to achieve the goals.

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 Stress is a common word everyone is familiar with. A lot of people go through life facing stress at each point, even a little child is not spared.  Not everyone really understands what stress means. In the following paragraph, we’ll be learning everything you need to know about stress and how to deal with it.

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What Is Time management?

Time management is the procedure of arranging and modulating on how to deal with time and also how to spend time on certain tasks. Quality time management makes a person settle more in a shorter time body, reduces pressure, and results in professional fulfillment.

Good time management leads to the success of organizations, and its vital to the growth of an organization. Everyone needs to make the most of out their time, and those around them, if they want their team, or organization to achieve their objectives and goals.

Advantages of Time management

The capacity to control your time correctly is important. Quality time management ends with enhanced professionalism and productiveness, much less pressure, and greater success in existence.

Here are some benefits of handling time efficiently

  1. Easing of pressure

Creating and pursuing a time schedule eases pressure. As you test off gadgets for your “to-do” list, you may see that you are making concrete improvements. This will help you to elude being pressurized with bothering about if you’re getting things done.

  1. More time

Excellent time management creates much more time for you to spend in your day by day existence. Individuals who can manipulate time successfully revel in having extra time to spend on interests or different non-public interests.

  1. Greater possibilities

Managing time well results in greater possibilities and less time wasted on unimportant activities. Accurate time management abilities are vital features that employers search for. The capability to prioritize and agenda work is extremely suited for any organization

  1. Ability to realize dreams

Folks who exercise properly time control are capable of gaining good desires and objectives and achieve this in a short period of time.

Tips for effective Time management

Now that we have examined the advantages of time management, let’s dive into few methods to manage time successfully:

1.Planning of goals successfully:  Plan goals that are viable and quantifiable. In essence, make certain dreams that you set exact, quantifiable, achievable, pertinent, and be punctual.


2. Prioritize accurately:  Important responsibilities are bent on priority and necessity. For instance, take a look at your daily responsibilities and point out yours:

vital and important: Do the needed activities immediately*vital but not important: thinking of when to do the task.

important but not vital: Dispute the tasks if viable.

not important and not vital: putting things aside to do later (procrastination).


3. Plan limited time to finish an activity: Planning the time limit to finish an activity makes you extra centered and successful. Making the small extra effort to determine how lot of time you want to allow for each activity also can assist you to apprehend potential problems before they rise up. That way you can make plans for managing them.


4. Arrange yourself: Make use of your calendar for extra long-term time management. Write down the closing dates for projects, or for duties that are a part of finishing the overall mission. Think about which days might be exceptional to dedicate to unique responsibilities.


5. Take away non-critical duties/activities: It’s very important to eliminate extra sports or responsibilities. Decide what is great and what merits some time. Doing away with non-critical responsibilities/sports frees up greater of it slow to be spent on clearly crucial matters.

Make sure you begin every day with a clear idea of what you want to do, and what needs to get performed that day. Make it an addiction to,perform the task of each workday, cross in advance and write out your “to-do” list for the next workday.

Soft skills vs Hard skills

In this competitive world having skills sets you apart from others. Skills are very important to possess as a job seeker. Not only do skills equip you for the jobs you want, but they also make you relevant, and give you an advantage over others. Soft skills and hard skills are equally important to help you improve and develop good career objectives.

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Even as jobs and careers both enable us to earn sufficient cash to guide ourselves and our households, they do not suggest the same thing. it is critical to recognize whether you’re looking for a job or for a career to plot your professional desires. this content will give an explanation for the distinction between a job and a career, how you can affect the alternative, and the way to turn a job into a career.

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It is the dream of every person to excel in his or her career. Your primary goal is to get a profession of achievement as you graduate from college. Every career person aims to get noticed and progressed in his or her career, but a high-quality expert puts aside the willingness and strong preference to perform well. If you possess these qualities, then becoming successful will be certain.

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When you are carefully arranging and updating your CV and cover letters, you also need to put extra effort into making sure you stand out from all other job seekers. Bear in mind that the position you are applying for is the exact post some millions of applicants are also seeking. In this article, we’ll be discussing below what you need to have an edge over other applicants.

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A good resume paints a picture of all your experiences and qualifications to a potential employer. There’s more to writing out skills and experience. You might feel like you’ve gotten close to your dream job,but then a little mistake may eventually cost you an interview. In this article, there’s some resume donts that will be discussed below.

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One thing that job applicants fail to acknowledge is the fact that there are a lot limitations of the job being applied for. Many employers are looking for candidates that are tried and tested. The applicants will also be called for interview. They are in search of candidates that fit perfectly into their company. Below are some areas that employers are looking at before hiring you.

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After having an interview in a company. However, the employer said he would get back to you in a week and nearly two weeks have passed. What do you do? What you need to do from here is follow up.

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Writing a job application can seem very tricky at times. We all know the basis of writing letters. Such as heading, salutation,body and complimentary ending. But is there more to that? Is there something else you need to know about? Here are some job application tips and tricks for your letter below.

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Do you need help with writing a job application letter to apply for that job? I’m so sure your answer is yes. First thing to know is that a job application letter is also referred to as a cover letter and should be presented along with the resume when applying for jobs.

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Is a CV any different from a resume? Can a CV be called a resume? What distinguishes the CV from the resume? After reading this piece, you’ll be sure to know the difference between the two.

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