Answering the interview question: why do you think we should hire.

Posted by | January 16, 2021 | Career coaching

Many interviewee are sometimes stuck when the interviewer ask them this question. The interviewer always wants to hire the best candidate for the job, not just qualified candidates. All candidate that made it to the interview stage after applying for the job are qualified but interviewers are looking for that extra push from the applicants to its recruiting process.

As a recruiter, the interviewer is taking a risk by employing you and will not want to hire a bad candidate for the company. Therefore, when you ask the question “why do you think we should hire you” the interviewer wants you to highlight your qualification, experience, skills and any other thing that stand you out among other invited candidates. And you should not hesitate to show your level of understanding to the hiring team.

Let the recruiters know You can do the job and deliver exceptional results, that you possess a combination of skills and experience that the company is looking for, that you will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team, and that hiring you will make the recruiter look brilliant and make his life much more easier.

To answer this question to the satisfaction of the hiring manager, you must have gone through the job description in other to tailor your answer to the job.
you must answer question without being modest or self-depreciating but not too confident. You must know how to answer what makes you unique.

If you are naturally a bit modest, this will require some practice. hence, before the interview try as much as possible to rehearse this question and the best possible way to answer. Recruiters will be happy to know you can convince them but if you cant then that’s the end of the road.

more to come on this topic…

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